MFSA Mission Statement

The main objective of the MicroGIS Foundation for Spatial Analysis (MFSA) is to enhance the geographic dimension of the information produced and analysed in diverse scientific fields in order to produce new knowledge.

To this end, the research center makes use of expert knowledge and promotes the dialogue between multiple thematic disciplines and Geographical Information Science, in particular Spatial Analysis. MFSA acts as an international platform to favour the transfer of knowledge between different scientific disciplines, with the aid of geographic information. This interdisciplinary effort is likely to place MFSA and its partners in an ideal position to achieve outstanding collective results.

MFSA carries out research in basic as well as in applied research, in order to enrich the available collection of GIScience theories, methods and tools with the contribution of - and applied to - different thematic disciplines (for example Economic Geography, Genetics, Anthropology, Ecology, Archeology, etc.).

As regards education, MFSA actively encourages and promotes thematic and interdisciplinary research appealing to Spatial Analysis through the medium of Master and PhD Awards. Moreover, the center takes part in the organization of continuing education programs, and planned the publication of scientific popularization books.